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Here are just a handful of examples of what great health & performance can look like when we manage the foundational principles of health. There are no fads here, no magic supplements, no mysterious secret sauce ... these are examples of individuals who have simply decided to get healthy, and build their lifestyle around the core principles of health and self development.

I consider myself my first client. I have been testing, studying and experiencing a wide variety of health, fitness and performance strategies for 10 years + in order to find what ultimately works for me.

That is the same journey I lead my clients down, to ultimately experience and find the tools, strategies and resources that work for them.

I have been able to solve for significant digestive issues, develop balanced posture, build muscle, master my body composition, and find success in various difficult endeavors such as endurance running, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions, starting a family, and following my dreams and passions.

All these things require diligent self-management of the foundation principles of health in order to maintain energy, vitality, and strength of character to keep moving forward, rolling with the punches and continuing to grow overall as a person.

Ben was able to completely transform his health, fitness, and performance by carefully and diligently managing the foundation principles!

Ben lost over 200 lbs, ran a half marathon, started a coffee shop, and continues to manage his lifestyle in ways that support his overall health and performance as a functional, strong human!

Karen has built and maintains a healthy, strong and resilient physique by managing her diet and lifestyle!

She is able to do full bodyweight and even weighted (yes added weight) pull-ups and much, much more with the strength and vitality she has built and sustains!

Sherry has done an amazing job of maintaining high levels of health & fitness into her 70's!

She continues to run half marathons and proves that age is but an opportunity to continue learning, growing and enjoying the journey!

Kari has built an incredible physique and went on to win multiple different medals in her first ever bikini competition!

She was able to achieve this by managing the foundation principles of health, and was diligent in her training and nutrition practices.

Kari has also written & published multiple books!

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