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About Me

My name is Zach Finney and I started my health and fitness journey in 2014 when I first became certified as a personal trainer, and I have been actively working with clients ever since!

I soon realized that solving health & performance challenges would require a multi-faceted approach, exercise alone wasn't enough. I wanted to learn more, so I returned to school in 2016 to complete a 4-year degree plus clinical internship in nutrition and dietetics.

During those 4 years, I also began my journey of becoming a CHEK Practitioner, a specialist in holistic health & corrective exercise.

I graduated in 2020 and began working on my dream of starting a business built around helping clients solve their holistic health, fitness, and performance challenges.

Today I work together with each client individually, offering holistic strategies that help them to overcome challenges and grow into more resilient, fitter, healthier, and happier versions of themselves.

My Education & Qualifications

Registered Dietitian (RD)

Registered Dietitian Nutrition Coaching

Feel, Look, & Perform Better

Reduce Inflammation

Increase Energy

Heal Injuries

Burn Bodyfat

Build Muscle

Improve Metabolism

Licensed CHEK Practitioner

Corrective Exercise & Functional Strength Training

Feel, Look, & Perform Better

Improve Posture & Flexibility

Develop Balance & Stability

Develop Core Strength

Develop Movement Coordination & Strength

Build Muscle & Burn Bodyfat

Reduce Aches & Pains

What's In It For You?

A Scientific & Structured Approach

Each new client journey begins with a comprehensive assessment. The thorough assessments and questionnaires provide valuable information that is necessary to provide a scientific and highly personalized coaching experience that is specific to your needs, challenges, and goals.

"If you aren't assessing, you're guessing."

Knowledgeable Expertise

You will have at your disposal a knowledgeable coach who can answer your questions and provide valuable insights. You can be confident in knowing that your coach has nearly ten years of active experience training clients, analyzing human movement in real-time, and studying human nutrition, anatomy, and physiology.

"Better questions = better solutions."

Measurable Results

Each new client assessment provides a variety of measurable data which can then be used to measure progress. Whether your focus is around weight loss, body composition, posture, strength, or otherwise, measurable results allow us to hold each other accountable as a team.

"The teacher and the taught, together produce the teaching."

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Free Discovery Call

Learn more about coaching programs and find out if they are right for you!

The Gym/Studio

Postural Correction & Functional Strength Training

A comfortable space where we can work 1-on-1 to restore posture, develop excellent movement coordination, and build functional strength.

Become stronger, more resilient, less prone to injury, build muscle and bolster your metabolism, dramatically improve your core strength, significantly improve your posture, regain confidence in your physical capabilities, and equip yourself to engage in life in a more functional manner.


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